Dwyer, Siew

parental rights

december 2032
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Miriam Siew ( years), Quint ( years), Elodie (16 years), Shira (15 years), Asher (15 years), Wyatt (12 years), Tyson (10 years), Noam (1 year)

Winter break, and Elodie found herself back at her Dad’s house. There had been a growing animosity between the girls, but it stemmed from Elodie. She couldn’t quite explain the reason, because she had won the affections of their mutual crush, Kai Browning. Perhaps it was how Shira had simply moved on, always content, which irked Elodie.

She missed sharing a bedroom with her big sister, Scarlett, and she realized those days were in the past; she would never share a room with her again. Now she was stuck with perfect Shira.

She called Kai up to arrange a date with him, insisting it wasn’t too early to meet, and being rather loud on the phone. Shira rolled over, trying to maintain sleep.

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Longfellow Elementary

Five Little Turkeys – Longfellow Elementary

november 2032
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Principal & 4th-6th grade: Mr. Oliver McCarthy
1st-3rd grade teacher: Miss Rosabella Steinman
Prek-Kindergarten teacher: Mrs. Miriam Siew

Thanksgiving break is just a week away, and everyone is ready for the time away from school, even the teachers. The school day starts, and the Browning twins are in the throes of a hearty game of tag. Their big sister, Mavis just walks past, ignoring their shenanigans. She prefers the more quiet hobbies which require no sweat.

Irina has only been in school for a few months, but she’s already enamored with her preschool teacher, Mrs. Siew. She shares stories of her travels, although her parents haven’t had time to take her on a vacation yet. They are planning to the next summer, but it seems so real to Irina, she feels like she’s already gone.

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post-divorce woes

may 2032
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Rebecca Siew (41 years), Elodie (15 years), Wyatt (12 years), Tyson (10 years)

At the start of the month, Rebecca decided it was time to pursue her dream of owning a pottery studio or at least find out how to attain it one day. While her other kids were supportive, Tyson was the only one who was really pumped at the idea. He begged to go with which delighted Rebecca.

Marta came out and greeted her, but she also greeted Tyson.

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june birthdays 2031

Trent Lange celebrates his 60th birthday this month. He was hoping one of his daughters would announce they were pregnant, but it isn’t the case. His eldest Paige hasn’t tried since she lost her first pregnancy, and while Brooklyn is trying, she’s also trying to schedule it around school breaks, which hasn’t panned out yet.

He loves having Colleen as a grandchild, he’d just like a few more before he’s too old to enjoy them. He isn’t planning to retire from his career, as he’s president of the company, he can have the time off he needs.

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home for the holidays

december 2030
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Rebecca Siew (40 years), Elodie (14 years), Wyatt (11 years), Tyson (9 years)

Quint and his new wife are determined to borrow the kids for a week at a time; apparently Miriam enjoys playing house with my children. I’ve obliged, but I’m awfully lonely with the empty house.

I pull longer shifts at the diner when they are away.

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