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august birthdays 2029

Irina Schehl celebrates her first birthday with her family, a bigger celebration planned for the weekend.

Her parents are certain that she is the sweetest toddler to have ever been born, and while Peter is ready to start trying for another (this one took several years to conceive after all), Elise is ready to focus on her career and not fertility charts.

They immediately had Auntie Meg take a new family portrait to hang in the hall, and she happily obliged.

Irina is a good mix of both her parents, and even has her aunt Meg’s eye shape (Peter’s twin sister), but I’d say she mostly favors Elise.

Over at the Krouse household, Penelope turns four, and is geared up to start preschool next month. She’s very excited to make friends at school and branch out from her own backyard.

Lorelei is happy to have one less baby getting into mischief. Penelope can now help entertain her baby brother, Otto while she attempts to make halfway healthy dinners.

Penelope mostly takes after her maternal side, including her black hair from Grandma Kenzie, but she has her Dad’s eyebrows and eyes.

Out in Millwood, Henry and Catherine Popper’s twins celebrate their fourth birthday also.

Eileen Popper

Warren Popper

Popper generation photo, three generations.

Bea Woodfolk recently graduated from Jefferson High and has been accepted to Eastborough University with a 38 SAT score. She’s been assigned to Westfall Hall where her best friend, Willa lives, and is majoring in Drama.

Chad Sumner’s little sister, Clara also graduates from Jefferson and is all set to start at EU this upcoming term. She scored a 34 SAT. She’s planning to become a Registered Nurse, and is majoring in Biology.

August Birthdays

Bekah Grimsley – 52 years
Alicia Brewer – 48 years (pnpc)
Jude Woodfolk – 46 years
Paige Lange – 33 years (pnpc)
Lauren Gavigan – 27 years
Perla Martinez – 24 years (pnpc)
Willa Grimsley – 20 years
Lulu Grimsley – 19 years
Michael Popper – 19 years (pnpc)
Chaz Holmes – 14 years
Penelope Krouse – 4 years
*Eileen Popper – 4 years (pnpc)
*Warren Popper – 4 years (pnpc)
Irina Schehl – 1 years

August Anniversaries
Quint & Rebecca Siew – divorced would have been 20 years
Chris & Emma Holmes – 13 years
Peter & Elise Schehl – 5 years

Also expecting
Brooklyn McCarthy – 7 months pregnant; due October
Paloma Brindley – 2 months pregnant; due March

Notes: I’m beyond happy with Irina and Penelope’s genetics! 😀 And who can believe that Bea is in college!! I can’t believe that Hazel and Jude are old enough to have a college-aged daughter.

Irina has nearly maxed-out nice points, she’s pretty sweet and totally adorable. Peter immediately rolled a baby want, but not Elise. She’s in Sports Marketing, so she needs to get her foot back in that door if she wants to stay there. I could see Elise being happy with just one baby to dote upon, but she could make me eat my words.

Rebecca and Quint would have celebrated their 20th anniversary, and they had the first wedding I did on the blog! Linnea was my first baby born on the blog, so I’ve done 21 years in the game since the start… really seems pretty small of a number especially looking at Shannon’s multiple legacies in a much shorter period of time! I better get cracking. 😉

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “august birthdays 2029”

  1. Oh my goodness, even though you were joking I must comment that I consider your consistency with Millwood a much greater achievement than two unfinished legacies and a ‘hood abandoned in not only one game, but two! Millwood is such an inspiration to me! I hope South Port is holding together and not causing you too much difficulty, but it sounds like you’ve got a plan for it, worse case scenario.

    Well, it’s easy to see how Peter and Elise are so taken with Irina, she is gorgeous and so cute. I think she did get the best of both sides, even though I probably prefer the shape of either of her parents’ eyes, hers lend a fascinating look to her face. I wonder if it will end up taking Elise as long to conceive again, once they start. She must have a lower fertility rate. Sports Marketing must be pretty competitive, too, I can imagine she needs to be on a faster track to do well.

    Bea has a great look for her, and no, I can’t believe she’s heading to college. Clara’s features and look are so much like my niece’s! And your (new to me) comparison of toddlers to their parents’ faces is so cool.

    1. Aww thanks Shannon! You are always an inspiration to me too! I have my high school updates coming up, and with your Janie being a coach, I realized that 1.) that’s a great career for my athletic sims, and 2.) I haven’t had a soccer/sport game in a few game years!

      I think Irina is my most angelic toddler. Meg’s eyes aren’t my favorite, I think that they may even be Peter’s eyes, but slightly different as a male version? I don’t know if eyes have a male/female version like noses and lips seem to have. The eyes are definitely a prominent Schehl feature. I’m just glad she didn’t get that horrid nose of Peter!

      I’m going to allow Elise to decide on having a baby. She’s such a workaholic, that I won’t push it. If she rolls the want, she can try. She does have a lower fertility rate, but it’s not the lowest in my game.

      That’s funny that Clara is similar to your niece, me and my daughter were just discussing how she’s got such a great, friendly neighbor look to her. I think she’ll do well in the hospital setting when she finishes school. Thanks on the comparison pictures, I’ve been doing it for a bit, but my age-ups are pretty spread out. I like it too! I was comparing this way previously, just not posting the pictures. I do much better with features when they are lined in a row. 😀

      I’m excited to see how Bea does, she’s placed in my notorious Westfall, where students barely study. Miner Hall dormies always roll wants for school, but even Scarlett in Westfall rarely does, and she’s pretty much the exception. Hopefully Bea can concentrate!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I like your new comparison pics! So easy to compare with them all in a row. 🙂

    Oh my God, how cute is that family portrait of Peter, Elise and Irina? Irina definitely favours Elise! I don’t actually see anything at all of Peter in her. Such a pretty girl.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lorelei as a kid but it’s good to see where Penelope gets her looks from. I think she’s going to look a lot like her as she grows up.

    I can’t believe Bea is at college already. That’s absolutely insane! I can’t wait to see what she gets up to.

    1. Thanks! Comparing side by side is much easier for me to do! I’m glad that I finally have all my sims older portraits done, I don’t know why I didn’t do them all sooner!

      Irina does definitely favor Elise, from the side view she has her Dad’s eye socket space… eek. I don’t know how to explain it, but the profile near the eyes is very much Peter’s, and the eyes may be a female version of his… I’m not sure if that’s a thing like lips/noses are.

      So true on Penelope, from the nose down she’s Lorelei. Profile is her Mom’s as well, which is actually similar to her Great Aunt Myra. I like how it pops up like that even generations removed.

      I’m so happy that Bea is in college, but it seems crazy to me too! I can’t wait to see how she does, and she’s finally reuinited with her best friend, but also her ex-boyfriend, Flint who thankfully just moved into an apartment off campus or they would have been dormmates. Eek!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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