I’ll give my all to you (Creelman – Brindley Wedding)

October 2028
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Adam Brindley (31 years), Paloma Creelman (30 years)

It was a measly one month shy of two years since Adam proposed. Paloma could hardly believe that they’d managed to wait that long. Getting married had been one of the biggest things on Paloma’s list when growing up, but since the birth of her bakery, the actual ceremony hadn’t seemed that important anymore.

She was grateful that her family had talked her out of a wedding at her bakery, though she was certain it would have been a lovely, intimate affair; the lighthouse was a luxury that she wouldn’t soon forget.

She’d enjoyed sneaking to the lighthouse to work on plans with Adam and her Mom, having a Mom that was a respected Events Planner, really made her an asset. In the beginning, the guest list was a mile long, and Eva had gently encouraged Paloma to continue with her idea of an intimate wedding, and so they fretfully had cut people out. Out of all the planning, deciding who to not invite was the most dreadful to Paloma.

But when the day arrived, she’d found all of her Mom’s advice to be spot-on and perfect for her and Adam.

Bobbi and her boyfriend, Preston were at the back of the bridal party. Adam had quickly fallen into friendship with Preston, and Bobbi was suddenly going to find herself the only unmarried in her trio of friends, and she wasn’t even close to that step.

While Adam wasn’t as fond of Meme’s husband, Daniel, it had seemed easier to keep couples together for the aisle. Meme was happy about the wedding, but her mind was wandering to babies and pregnancy. They’d made a plan to get pregnant around the same time, and she was anxious to know when that might be.

Paloma’s middle sister, Linnea was maid of honor, and walked with Adam’s closest friend, Henry Popper. Linnea had been embarrassed by the whole ordeal, feeling less-than by not even having a significant other waiting in the crowds for her, like Henry had with his wife Catherine and eldest daughter, Rita. She had to remind herself that she was still in college, she wasn’t expected to have a serious boyfriend yet.

Paloma’s youngest sister, Dahlia was the flower girl, and accompanied by her old boss, Ginny’s son, Domenico. They’d been wild at the rehearsal, that Paloma wondered if she should have kept kids from the ceremony, but they both rose to the occasion and stole the crowd momentarily.

Paloma with her step-Dad, Gideon by her side, quickly stole them back. Eva had been prepared that she might cry, but the emotion was stronger than just a few tears.

After all the years of heartache, poverty, and turmoil, it had been her and Paloma against it all, and her own Mother, Abby. To have a husband to walk Paloma down the aisle, to have a mildly extravagant wedding for eldest, and full stomachs, it was all unbelievable. For that moment, both mother and daughter felt like they had a part in a Cinderella story.

Adam had not been the prince that Paloma had dreamed of for all those years, he was something all the more better. The life that seemed just steps from her place in the aisle, seemed all the more magical and perfectly matched, then she could have imagined. One day, they’d have little toddlers, wrecking havoc in their bakery, and she’d get to run it with him, working with her husband every day. She didn’t know how she got so lucky.

It was a beautiful fall day for a wedding, there hadn’t even been a hint of rain to make them worry in advance.

It seemed surreal and also incredibly normal, to suddenly be husband and wife. After all the years of heartache, and pining for Oliver, Paloma was finally happy that it had all happened the way it had.

Elias had come with his Mom, Nicole. There had been no invite to Oliver, Paloma wouldn’t have wanted him there, but it was always nice to see Elias. He had come to their bakery’s opening day, and had somehow became her friend.

Catherine Popper immediately buddied up with Eva and Nicole, fitting in better with the middle-aged Moms, then the younger crowd. She had three small children, a mortgage, and a van that she drove her daughter to soccer in. Her days of best friends being her number one priority were long past, and nearly forgotten.

Bride and Groom made their rounds, thanking the compliments on the ceremony, their appearance, agreeing how blessed they were, and discussing the beautiful autumn weather.

When the sun began to set, the festivities were amped up. Everyone had been properly thanked for coming, and they were free to drink and be merry.

Eva’s toast wasn’t nearly as emotional as she felt, trying to keep the affair light, but both mother and daughter held back their tears.

Dahlia and Rita enjoyed themselves on the beach, parents taking turns checking on them and keeping them out of the cooling sound.

Eva had been right in adding another girl to the invite list, Domenico preferred to cut the floor up with his dance moves, while Dahlia wasn’t interested in such things.

Linnea nearly lost her breakfast at the sight of lobster, she blamed her sickness from the past month on the lobster she’d eaten at the Chinese restaurant.

But everyone else was thrilled with their buffet choices.

Adam and Paloma had their first dance as husband and wife, and talked about their new house. They were closing in just a week, and there was to be no honeymoon with all their recent expenses. The new house had seemed a priority over sandy beaches in the Caribbean.

As the night went on, people went into their own circles. Paloma happened to notice that Elias and Bobbi were getting along awfully well, with no sign of Preston on the beach with them.

Paloma insisted that Dahlia dance with the bride, and she wound up thrilled. She would never know her littlest sister like she did Linnea, the age distance was just too great, but she adored her to pieces despite the gap.

In all of her life, Paloma couldn’t remember a day quite as wonderful, though opening the bakery was definitely second. But by the end of the night, she wanted to crawl into bed, in their tiny apartment for just a few more nights, and spend it in her husband’s arms.

Many of the wedding cards wished them many years of happiness, and wonderful memories, and Paloma really hoped that they came to be.


Wedding Party Photos

Bridesmaids –
(Bobbi, Dahlia, Meme, & Linnea)

Groomsmen –
(Henry, Daniel, Preston, & Domenico)

Bridal Party –

Paloma with her family –

Paloma with her Mom, Eva –

I’m so excited these two are wed, and that I’m finally getting this update published!!

Linnea’s expression on the lobster made me laugh. She had ordered lobster at the Chinese restaurant (with Paloma) and she did get sick after, though I don’t think it was really related, her expression made me think it was!

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “I’ll give my all to you (Creelman – Brindley Wedding)

  1. What a beautiful wedding, love the bike photo as well. I was about to cry right along with her mom, I remember her having to depend on dinners at Oliver’s house and when his mom said that she shouldn’t come over so much because it was straining their budget. Life has slowly changed for the better for them

    1. I was really pleased with the bicycle photo as well! Thank you! I really love Paloma’s story, and am honored that you remember how bad it had been for them. Nicole fed her own family almost entirely with her greenhouse produce, but had such a large family that it was a struggle with that as well. Both families have really come along way over the years. Thank you for commenting Starr!

  2. For a second there, I thought maybe Linnea’s nausea was due to something else…but then I remembered I was pretty sure she hadn’t hooked up with anyone yet. So at least she’s safe from pregnancy, lol? I loved that Dahlia had a little friend to play with too. I feel bad for my kids with relatives getting married before there are any other kids in the family. They always look a little bored!

    Anyway, this was such a gorgeous wedding and I’m probably almost as happy as you are to see Adam and Paloma finally married! I remember she was pretty cut up over Oliver for a good while but her finding happiness with Adam just goes to show that sometimes these things are truly for the best.

    I love the colours they chose for the wedding. That shade of green looks really great with Bobbi’s hair colour, so she really hit the jackpot there – not all bridesmaids are so lucky (says the bridesmaid who had to wear pale pink, lol). And the lighthouse! You could hardly pick a more stunning venue, though a bakery wedding would certainly have been unique!

    1. Yeah, if Linnea was pregnant, it would be some kind of Virgin Mary, because she hasn’t even had a kiss yet. I’m moving my college students to once per year (instead of once per round) because I don’t get enough time to cover everyone and make sure they are getting a well-rounded college experience.

      It is hard being a kid without others to play with. It really worked out that Rita came to the wedding. I had to write out my actual list, and then cut so many of the sims out. Paloma has grown from a bad reputation (I don’t even know why! But sims always booed her!), to being well-liked and connected.

      Gah yes, she was super depressed about Oliver for ages! I’m glad that she’s happy with Adam, and think its weird that somehow they both ended up with people that were so similar… Adam and Paloma both cook, and Oliver and Brooklyn are both teachers. That was not even planned. Odd.

      I agree about the green looking great on Bobbi! I hear you on the pale pink… I had a couple of those in my closet until recently. I only kept my black gown from my sister’s wedding, the first time I felt that I could actually wear it again. I was really pleased with how the lighthouse turned out. I’ve remade this lot so many times, but this by far my favorite and totally sticking.

      Thank you Carla!!

  3. This was such a lovely wedding. Great choice on the location, with the beach and waves and fall leaves. Stunning! The picture of their kiss was just perfect! So sweet. I love the bike picture, too! And the one of Paloma with her mom! ❤

    Ha ha, so funny about Linnea and the lobster!

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