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march birthdays 2030

march 2030

Ella Carver celebrates her eighteenth birthday with a trip to EU. She hasn’t decided yet if she will attend next fall, but she’s pretty positive she will be accepted. She takes her final SAT test this spring, and then she will need to make her decision.

Her sister, Marisol didn’t come to the tour. They’ve never been very close, and Cesar hasn’t been successful in his attempts to bring them together. Manny came though, he’s always been Ella’s cheerleader, and the most akin to her and their late Mom.

Both of the men in her life are really pumped at the idea of college for Ella.

Ella is much more cautious. The school insists on freshman living on campus, and the idea of having a perky dormmate gives her anxiety.

Their tour guide, Linnea is very pumped about this college experience. She’s selling all these great points that Ella doesn’t relate with.

Cesar doesn’t pretend this will be the most amazing experience for her, but he definitely wants her to go. When it comes to Ella, he’s known her since she was a tyke, and as much as he loved her Mother, he couldn’t save her. He really wants the best for Ella, and college is one step in the direction of a better life.

He doesn’t act like the speech Linnea is giving is all truth though. Annie and Ella are great at knowing when someone is feeding them crap, and it never helps his cause to fib with them. He’s hopeful that she will attend, there’s a good chance of her getting a good scholarship even. They’ll know more in May, and that’s how long Ella will have to decide.


Another birthday rolls around for Etienne, number 43 to be exact, and he reflects on the changes of the past year. His last birthday had been spent indoors, sipping wine by their fireplace. Violet-Adele was still struggling with the loss of her Father, and they’d both been hopeful she’d be pregnant soon. One whole year later, and while the loss of George isn’t as sharply felt, some things haven’t changed all that much.

Violet-Adele decides to work that day at home, while Etienne heads out for a meeting. They haven’t made any exact plans, as much as they enjoy celebrating lavishly, they both prefer intimate time for their birthdays and anniversaries.

When Etienne arrives back home, he finds her working on a new draft. It seems that she’s onto a good idea by the smile, and he’s happy to see her in good spirits.

A storm is coming in this afternoon, so they head outside for some sunshine while they can get it. She keeps smiling, that he’s beginning to think she’s planned a surprise party for him.

She grows serious. There have been some new projects for Millwood, some residential lots need new housing, and she isn’t sure that she feels up to it.

Etienne has never heard such nonsense from his wife, and instantly tells her that she’d be great at it, although he thinks that it’s a bit below her creative level.

She tells him that he’s being silly. She doesn’t feel up for it, because she’s going to need to take the winter season off, probably starting in November. This only confuses him more.

She has to announce that she’s pregnant before he begins to understand.

Etienne is legitimately thrilled, over the moon ecstatic, that he doesn’t even try to contain himself.

This is the best birthday gift he has ever received! He absolutely cannot wait to become a Daddy in November.

Instantly, he starts talking baby names. He wants something french, and she just listens and smiles.


Meg Schehl enters her second trimester with a tiny, adorable baby bump much like herself. The baby business is happening sooner than she expected, and yet not soon enough. She’d thought that she’d have a family with ex-boyfriend, Oliver. That clearly hadn’t happened, then she found Jaron and she was caught up in her own creative endeavors, that she hadn’t thought about their future much at all.

She’s feeling pretty much near blissed out, even with burnt pancakes in her immediate future.

Jaron just got a full-time job, which was something sorely needed. Both being artistic has meant that they have to put some personal ambitions aside just to afford the new house and food for the table.

He got a job as a Cement Mixer working under Violet-Adele’s construction team. It’s through the city, so the pay isn’t awful. Well, it’s pretty much awful for anyone that has ever made money in their life, but this is Jaron’s first full-time position, so he’s feeling pretty productive.

After he’s gone, Meg invites her Mom over for burnt pancakes and to share the news that she’s expecting. She’s been avoiding her parents, but it’s time to finally let them know. She really didn’t have to say anything when her Mom came into the kitchen, which was awkward but also helpful.

Immediately, Delaney wants to know how they’ll afford the baby. The new house is nice and all, but what about payments? Meg’s photography business isn’t exactly bringing in steady income.

Meg goes over some of her ideas for bringing in more, one of which is selling one of her nearly finished plays to the theater house. The fact that her daughter is thinking these things through seems to appease Delaney.

She heads to the store and returns with enough food to make a month worth of meals. She did the same for Peter when Elise was expecting, and she was definitely doing the same for her own daughter.

Of all her kids, she hadn’t expected Meg to be the one that got unexpectedly pregnant. Regardless, she was happy to meet her second grandbaby come September, and already knew that Meg would make a wonderful Mother.

March Birthdays
Cole London – 67 years
Jared Schehl – 66 years
Finn McCarthy – 57 years
Etienne Bernard – 43 years
Cara Grimsley – 40 years
Chad Sumner – 29 years (pnpc)
Julia Millett – 27 years
Zilla McCarthy – 24 years
Caleb Gray – 22 years (pnpc)
Riley Gray – 22 years (pnpc)
Ella Carver – 18 years
Ezra Gavigan – 15 years (pnpc)
Rita Popper – 11 years (pnpc)
Percy Brewer – 3 years (pnpc)

March Anniversaries
Trent & Trisha Lange – 38 years (pnpc)
Jared & Delaney Schehl – 34 years

Ginny Pacelli – 7 months; due May
Meme Blackshire – 5 month; due July
Meg Schehl – 3 month; due September

Notes: Etienne’s face at the news is priceless! While Violet-Adele is more subdued, although she’s still happy. She instantly told Hazel as well, so it seems like good news.

I was beginning to think that she’d never get pregnant! Now I’m hoping the baby takes after Etienne! ❤

I'm waiting for Ella to roll the college want… I rely on that for the majority of my EU enrollments.

I'm headed back east to visit family, I'll be out of commission until August. Happy simming!

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “march birthdays 2030”

    1. Thanks CT! I really like the appearance of TS2, the horses of TS3, and the landscape/hoods of TS4. That coastal town does me in every time my kids load it. Gorgeous!

  1. Have a wonderful trip East with family! We are also travelling a lot between now and mid-August 🙂

    It is wonderful news that Violet -Adele has conceived. I knew what was going on as soon as she told Etienne she wouldn’t be up to finishing the project. Also, I hope that Ella will roll that college want. I remember well those college visits and the peppy tour guides – and can imagine that not appealing to her.

    1. Peppy tour guides were not my style ether, I’m in the same boat with Ella on that one. I’m hoping to make a good chunk of progress this month before crazy September arrives. The trip back east was amazing, wonderful to hit my old favorite places, see family, and to spend time with my Grandma.

      I’m excited for Violet-Adele to have her baby, I’m picturing her with a girl, but I’m not sure what she will have. I need to find a name still, I had one for years, but I’m going to see if I can find one I love more.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon and if you are still on vacation, I hope you enjoy your trip!

      1. Hi Maisie, glad your trip was enjoyable! Summer is coming to an end (I started work last Monday) and I didn’t get around to playing Sims 2 at all. I played a few hours of Sims 4 seasons here and there but I’m not sure when I’ll get back to either of them at this point. Blogging is definitely on hold with no date in sight for resuming. I miss it but it’s just not fitting into my life right now, for good reasons. I’ve completed a few triathlons this year and next week I am participating in the Age Group Nationals in Ohio for the Olympic Triathlon. After that we’re registered for one more local triathlon for the season. I’d enjoy playing my Sims 2 Falls Bridge, but I just never seem to have the time (and energy) simultaneously 🙂 I enjoy seeing your posts though!

  2. So many happy dances from this update. So excited for the new baby, I was grinning like mad and hubby wanted to know what I was so happy about lol! I really hope Ella goes to college. Hopefully a scholarship will woo her. What if she has a fear of missing college? Or gets a negative memory from missing college? Would you let her enroll later? Maybe take a gap year? I hope she goes 🙂 and majors in music with her awesome voice and goes into music therapy to help kids like her or maybe be a music teacher. Lol, sorry for planning your simmies future 🙂

  3. I hope Ella decides to go to college. I think it would be such a good thing for her. I can see how the roomie thing is worrying…but that roomie could end up being a great friend to her as well. If she doesn’t end up going, I hope she develops a good plan for what she’ll do instead.

    Totally random but I used to have a silver necklace just like Violet-Adele’s. I lent it to my mum and she broke it trying to take it off! But more importantly, yay! I’m super-excited for her and Etienne. I wasn’t sure if it would happen for them but I’m glad it has. And yeah, I want to see a gorgeous French name for this baby too, so I’m with Etienne. 😉

    Glad Meg could ease Delaney’s concerns a little bit. Mums never stop worrying about us!

    1. I worry about Ella if she doesn’t go, I’ll probably play her extra long and fulfill many wants to see if it pops up. If she doesn’t go, I don’t know what she will do. I’m still not sure what she’ll pursue at EU ether.

      That necklace is super pretty! That’s unfortunate that it got broke when you lent it out. Gorgeous french name is my hope too, I’ll be looking to see if I like one better than the one I had picked.

      Moms never stop worrying that is for sure! I think Meg will be good, although it is worrying that her and her boyfriend are unemployed artists. Sure she owns the photography business, but it doesn’t make that much. At least Jaron got a real job to help bring in some income.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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