McCarthy Family, Woodfolk

sisters at heart

march 2024
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(Woodfolk Household Profile)
Hazel Woodfolk (42 years), Jude (41 years), Bea (13 years), Monroe (10 1/2 years), Roman (9 years)

narrated by: Bea

Mom usually works Saturdays at the diner, but she took one off and declared it a Mother-Daughter day. She got her hair cut by my cousin Grace to start the day.

It’s weird seeing Mom in a new hairstyle, but it looks nice. Even if it didn’t though, she would still own it; Mom has wild amounts of self-esteem.

We went to Cup o Books for coffee and browsing, and she gushed when I ordered my own coffee without her help. I only know this stuff because I’ve made friends with Willa Grimsley. She’s fifteen and has experience with things like shopping without parents and ordering lattes.

Mom asked if there were any boys I liked. My parents are really laid back about these things, when I told her about Jett Picasso, she didn’t even flinch. She was a bit less enthused when I confessed he was a ninth grader, same age as Willa.

We both bought some books, and some hollywood magazines for me.

Afterward, Mom dropped me off at Trout Lake Pointe to meet up with Willa. Some people think she’s mean, but her parents are pretty unfair, and her brother Holden is a bit of a brat. He’s friends with my brother Monroe, and even Monroe thinks he’s fussy sometimes too.

She has a crush on Flint, which is Jett’s twin brother, so she happened to have their chat handles. I’ve never really liked a boy, let alone tried talking with one. The only males I speak with are my Mom’s employees, and my brothers’ friends. Somehow just saying hi to a freshman is pure terror, and I don’t get too rattled about communication.

Willa is very insistent though, and I was curious if he might like me too, so I went through with it.

But I didn’t tell him who I was, naturally. He kept trying to guess, but he never guessed it was me. Makes me think I’m not even on his radar at all. That’s what happens in the seventh grade.

I felt pretty bummed over it, and went back to focusing on my school work. I really don’t like school at all ether so it was torture. Neither of my parents graduated college, and I hope they don’t plan for me to go. It’s the movies for me, and that doesn’t require a degree accept maybe in Theater. I’d possibly consider that, maybe.

I also rescued a gerbil that someone dumped at Lincoln Park. He was clearly a housepet, and they must have grown tired of him. He’s pretty sweet, doesn’t really nip at anyone.

Monroe is crazy for him too, wants his own pet but Mom squashed that idea for now.

I’m not passionate about music, but I do enjoy it, and it’s kind of a must in our family. We usually hang out in my brothers’ bedroom or Dad’s music room to practice. Keyboarding is probably my favorite instrument.

Monroe does okay with school, but Roman is the opposite, he actually sucks more than I do. He says that he tries, but I don’t know if it’s true. He got a D- on his report card, and instead of showing Mom and Dad he threw it away.

Naturally, Principal Lucy needed a signature from my parents, and called when she didn’t get it. He was in mega trouble, I never see my parents get upset, let alone angry and they were both. They kept dropping the “D” word, “we are so disappointed in you” and it really got to Roman.

They grounded him, and now Mom is making sure he is getting his studies completed and correctly.

I’m just grateful I have less school to finish than he does, poor kid has years left. Aunt Violet-Adele came by to catch up with Mom, and now that I’m a teenager, it would appear I’m allowed to hang out for their long conversations. Aunt Vi wanted to know about this boy I liked, but got derailed when she asked about my future plans and I grumbled school was not on my agenda.

I’ve never seen her so riled up, she went on about how she would have never had an internship in Paris if she didn’t go to college. She talked up her career and all its perks, plus the good money she makes. I love my Aunt Vi, I always wanted to be her flower girl, but she’s not exactly the person I aspire to be. Plus, most actresses make more money than the county city planner.

I was glad to break free and go shopping with Willa. We had a blast trying on clothes, and we both have parents that give us a spending allowance so it’s not depressing window shopping ether. We like to play a game where each of us pick out something truly hideous and make the other try it on, Willa won the game this particular time, the bum flap was a riot.

Willa could be a superstar too if she wanted, or a model. She’s totally photogenic, sometimes I feel a bit jealous that she’s older and has a chance with Flint Picasso, and also her pretty blond hair. It just must be awesome to be a ninth grader.

Unfortunately our shopping excursion ended with some pickpocketing.

I was completely oblivious to the entire transaction, as was Willa until she went to pay and her money was gone. We get an allowance, but none of us are the wealthy London’s where we just roll in money and use it for furniture.

We called her Dad, and he brought us down to the station to question us. He was rattled over the ordeal, and vowed to find the criminal. Willa was uncomfortable with the attention, she felt that he was treating her like a naive baby.

I didn’t feel that way, but I was not pleased when he insisted on calling my Dad. Tim is a police officer, so he was at least professional while we were at the station. The same could not be said for my Dad. When he arrived, he kept gripping me, and hugging me, and would bounce from scolding me to being grateful I was okay. It was extreme.

When Officer Tim asked me questions, I was useless, I legitimately missed the entire thing. It didn’t stop him from pestering me and trying to coax memories out of me.

I was greatly relieved when Dad got me out of there. He told Mom and after I assured her I was never in danger, I excused myself to my room to be alone, and play with the pets.

I hope that Willa’s Dad does find the criminal, because I am a bit nervous to go shopping again with just Willa and have a repeat incident. But I’m not about to worry my parents with those fears, as laid back as they are, I can just imagine them sheltering me until I was eighteen. This teenage trust and outings is a fragile relationship that I’m not willing to break.

Notes: Back from my break, still working on edits, but took Thanksgiving break off to play sims and relax some. I have a ton of things played through that I just need to write up, so hopefully can get this blog back to weekly updates through December.

Poor naive Willa, she got pickpocketed, and I figure with her Dad being a police officer that Tim would make it into a fiasco. I don’t know when the girls made such good friends, but they really are, and are totally cute trying on clothes. Super cute is that they both have crushes on the Picasso brothers, and currently it’s not mutual (ACR).

These kids stink at school, they are mega playful and schoolwork is the worst thing for them. Monroe turns teen later in the winter, and I’ll be excited to tentatively run him through the career criteria to see where he lands. I still haven’t done Willa so I’m uncertain if modeling or acting would be on her mind.

Bea had the ROS to bring a pet home, I see her liking woodland animals, and was going to have her adopt a squirrel, but I never got around to downloading/finding one that I liked. This family is about to grow up real quick, their kids are all 2 years apart so it won’t be long before Roman joins the teenage ranks after Monroe.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “sisters at heart”

  1. Loved this update! Bea is adorable. I love when she comments that it must be awesome being a 9th grader! I remember when high school seemed a world away. Her friendship with Willa is cute too. I loove that they go out and do things together. I wonder what will happen with the Flint boys!

    1. Willa and Bea are both so outgoing, that I couldn’t imagine them just hanging out at ether of their houses, they seem like girls that want to tear up the town! They should be a ton of fun when they are in college together. I too remember when 9th grade seemed like some great distant land. Glad you enjoyed the update and thank you for commenting!

  2. Oh, Bea is such a favorite of mine, it is great hearing this from her perspective! And fun to see the Cup ‘o Books in action. Poor Bea, the guy she likes didn’t even guess her as a possibility. And she feels that her friend is so much more attractive than her– but she’s so pretty! The gerbil is so cute, glad she got that ROS.
    I love the look on Monroe’s face, destroying the evidence, ha. And Hazel and Jude do look properly disappointed. They are so laid back it is almost funny seeing them acting like that! Interesting how Bea has always looked up to her aunt “Vi” but now that she is getting older, Violet’s emphasis on college is annoying her.
    I was wondering if the pickpocketing was an ROS, but it was so cool the way you wrote that incident in. It’s been a while since any of my sims were pickpocketed, but I imagine teens often have lower logic skill than adults.
    It was so nice to read a Millwood update!

    1. Bea is one of my favorites too, both of these girls are gorgeous. Agree on the gerbil, I really don’t use those critters much at all, and I usually end up killing it after the first play session, but hopefully it won’t happen this time! Yeah, I don’t see Bea wanting to be an architect, so while she may enjoy traveling to Paris, she doesn’t envy the job or education involved with it.

      Yeah the pickpocketing just happened, that guy has been lurking on all my lots lately! The creepiest was probably the woods, why is that guy creeping around the woods? Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. I love when the game pairs up friends too! I would not have thought of it myself with them being two years apart, seventh and ninth grade… but they really make it work. Thanks for commenting, nice seeing you around in the community again!

  3. I think it’s nice that Willa made a friend, despite her attitude. Bea is so cute, with a crush on an unattainable boy. I remember being in middle school and having crushes on older boys who don’t even notice. I love her father freaking out over the pickpocketing, even though Bea wasn’t the one who got robbed!

    1. Yeah, Bea in seventh grade is a bit young in this today’s world to be roaming around shops with just a friend, and I can imagine their surprise when something terrible just barely missed her. Probably a little too close for comfort! I was happy that Willa made a friend too, because she has grown up with the London kids and is not friends with any of them! She’s such a snot, but she seems mellow with Bea. Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. You’d think they wouldn’t have any issue finding that pickpocket – I mean, the guy does dress in a rather distinctive manner! 😉 I really like how you wrote that in though.

    This was so fun to read. Bea is at such a great age to play and I liked seeing her friendship with Willa. I can see her being friends with an older girl, especially one like Willa. They look like they have such fun together. Such sympathy for poor Bea and her crush on Jett though! In a few years, she might not be interested but Jett may suddenly find himself a bit more interested. 😉

    Poor Roman – awful seeing him cry like that! Hopefully Hazel and Jude can keep him on track now. But you know, not everyone is the academic type. As long as you can find your niche in life, I don’t think it matters so much in the end.

    1. LOL on the pickpocket guy right! I was going to ignore it at first, because quite a few find themselves pickpocketed without my realization, but being a police officer’s daughter, I just didn’t see Tim not being upset over it.

      I agree on this being a great age to play! They call each other constantly on the phone, it’s perfect for their age group too. I was disappointed that Jett didn’t like Bea, I thought they would have been sort of cute together. Jett is a fool to not be interested in Bea, but she’s only sort of interested in him too, later on in another update he actually was a smidge flirty and she turned him down flat! So I think a crush is much better for her right now than anything legit.

      I felt sad for Roman, all these kids are horrible students but he is by far the worst. He’s always being threatened with the social worker, which Kenzie really couldn’t care less about grades! And very true about academics, it is not the do or die sort of mentality that adults drill into kids.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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